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We bring out the highest level of outcome of research and other works. We are sure, you will find our latest offerings very interesting.

We focused on environment, i.e. emerging important issue, when we published - the first book in the world - on Sacred Groves : " Focus on Sacred Groves & Ethnobotany."

The recent book was also considered unique in the world of MRI. The significance of this book was two-fold MRI applications - i) Clinical and ii) Non-Clinical. In the non-clinical applications, included are MRI of Wood, Tree, Plant, Fruits and Food i.e living things hence is title goes like: " Looking into Living things through MRI."

We look into and focus on the unique and scholarly works. We look forward to continue our efforts with an ever rising standards and variety in our future projects. New book proposals are welcome with similar uniqueness and will be considered on merits.